PM Johnson promises £100m Brexit ad budget – will some of adland’s finest change their minds?

Looks like new UK PM Boris Johnson is preparing to do his bit for the ad industry as he prepares to wrench the country kicking and screaming from the EU (some of the country anyway) with his minions letting it be known that he plans to spend £100m on an ad campaign as part of a £1bn exit fund.

“We are turbo charging preparations for no deal and that is now the Government’s number one priority,” says chief secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak.

When David Cameron’s coalition government arrived in the wake of the financial crisis in 2010 the previous chief secretary to the Treasury left a note saying there wasn’t any money left. Such concerns are beneath Boris (admittedly things aren’t that bad – yet.)

This, if it happens, should be a boon for some lucky agency. M&C Saatchi usually finds itself in the box seat in such circumstances. There’ll be agency CEOs and new business directors anxiously consulting their diaries/memories to see if they ever made it to a Spectator drinks party in the dim and distant. Did Boris ever have a girlfriend in adverts? There must be one somewhere.

There aren’t too many high profile Brexit supporters in the upper echelons of adland. Look at the hysterical reaction to Campaign’s Nigel Farage cover story.

But when there’s a whopper budget on the horizon some people tend to change their minds..

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  1. As I said on AdScam this morning… Proving that politicians of all stripes talk shit, UK Finance Fucktard Minister, Sajid Javid said… “Making sure Britain is prepared for no deal is the best way to get a great new deal. That is why this government is turbo charging preparations to leave with no deal.” Doesn’t he realize that his statement makes absolutely no fucking sense? As you say, M&C Saatchi will inevitably trouser most of it… Cos it’s the rich wot gets the gravy, it’s the poor wot gets the blame.

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