Old Spice tries to recapture its old ad swagger – with W+K’s new ‘Swagger’

Old Spice’s new campaign from Wieden+Kennedy HQ is titled ‘Never let a friend lose his swagger,’ riffing on Old Spice’s ability to help hapless males regain their mojo.

Old Spice’s advertising has lost some of its swagger since the great days of Isaiah Mustafa, although it’s had its moments. Trying too hard maybe.

W+K is certainly trying hard here.

There’ll be more. the point about IM was the simplicity: ‘the man your man could smell like.’

Maybe this would be deemed sexist these days? And maybe ads were better in the old days because there weren’t so many single issue banana skins. They were certainly less dark.

‘Swagger’ – MAA creative scale: 7.

PS I see that Old Spice owner P&G has said it’s not going to follow Unilever is dealing just with ad agency holding companies. Wise them.

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