Free The Birds takes new tack for new Davidoff cigars

Independent design agency Free The Birds is running a new global campaign for upscale Davidoff cigars – presumably you still can in some places – emphasising the provenance of three new stronger flavours – ‘Taste The Elements’ – featuring cigars from Brazil, Nicaragua and Yamasa in the Dominican Republic.

Apparently in Nicaragua the volcanic soil adds intensity. In Escurio, Brazil, the rain and ocean of the bay region lend sweetness and in the Dominican Republic the red soil of the Yamasa swamplands adds spice.

Davidoff Oettinger CMO Eddie Simon says: “Davidoff is known for our pioneering, innovative approach to the craft of cigar making, so the unconventional approach Free The Birds has taken with the Taste The Elements campaign really works for us, cementing the brand as something for adventurous people with open minds and wide horizons.”

Free The Birds communications director Paul Domenet says: “Davidoff has always encouraged us to do category-changing work and this campaign lives up to that ethos. Visually and verbally, it’s a million miles from the traditional world of cigars.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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