Introducing the More About Advertising Book Shop

Welcome to the new MAA Book Shop (see ads right.)

The idea to create an online book store dedicated to advertising came out of conversations with people who admitted they had never read a book on the subject. This seemed a shame to us because we know there are golden nuggets in a range of books written by experienced practitioners, rather than theoretical tomes.

It’s arguable that the industry does not embrace history as a potential source of inspiration as much as it might yet names such as Bill Bernbach (We’re #2 and we try harder) from the past have influenced generations of advertising writers.

Coming right up to date a read of Sir John Hegarty’s views on life in the advertising world are refreshing and motivating.

We will add books we like and/or are recommended and to get you in the reading habit we are offering a 10% discount off the RRP plus no charge for postage and packaging (allow four to five days for delivery depending on stock availability.)

Finally if you have a recommendation of something you have read and really rate please send it to us at [email protected].


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