KFC asks ‘What the Cluck?’ in new-look Mother campaign

After a few rather glossy commercials for KFC, Mother is getting back to basics with a new, year-long campaign for the brand that focuses on price and grabs attention.

The Snapchat filter style approach transforms people into animated chickens as they are wowed by the offers at KFC, set against an urban backdrop and a grime soundtrack.

Hazell White, brand manager at KFC UK & Ireland commented: “With value, there is always the temptation to focus hard on the headline price. This can sometimes result in pretty functional communications, and feel a bit like wallpaper! Our aim was to showcase our elevated value range, but the creative taken up a notch.”

Not work aimed at awards juries, but it’s smart and should have an impact where it’s needed.

MAA creative scale: 7

Meanwhile, over in the US where Colonel Sanders is the hero, rather than the chicken, the old guy has had a makeover and become an Instagram influencer.

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  1. Isn’t there something rather odd about chickens being ecstatic about KFC offers? A bit like volunteering to go over the top in WW1…

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