Car rental is an extreme sport in new ad by The Corner

The whole car industry is in flux at the moment, with car share schemes taking off, Uber everywhere, and driverless cars just around the corner, but the old-fashioned car rental market has not given up yet, judging by this high octane, high budget ad for Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Agency The Corner has hired a stunt co-ordinator who’s worked on movies including Bond, Bourne and The Avengers to dramatise the usually mundane process of car rental.

Film actor Gerard Butler stars in two ads, one featuring a sky dive and the other a paparazzi chase, which will be seen on TV, in cinemas and across digital and out of home.

Jim Stoeppler, Enterprise’s vice president of European brand marketing, said: “Enterprise uses the latest technologies coupled with its unique approach to customer service to make access to virtually any vehicle quick, convenient and immediate. The ‘Whatever the Mission’ series shows that our business is based on the needs of our customers – whatever the vehicle, whenever they need it and however long they need it for.”

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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