Adam&eveDDB steps into deep waters with new Lloyds Bank M-word campaign

We haven’t always been kind about adam&eveDDB’s campaigns for Lloyds Bank – there were more nags than you’ll see at Cheltenham in one recent iteration – but now Lloyds is trying something a mite more ambitious, persuading us to talk about the dread “M-word,” money.

Lloyds’ research apparently shows that one in three people say that they have experienced money-related stress and anxiety recently but the 63 per cent of people who had spoken about their money worries said they felt better after talking about it.

A cynic might say that voracious bankers, keener on their bonuses than helping their customers (especially business customers) have made their ineffable contribution to this. But the basic point is probably correct. And, as ever these days, there’s a mental health aspect.

A&E joint CEO Matt Goff says: “Last year we launched a campaign encouraging people to ‘Get the Inside Out,’ in a bid to get people talking about their mental health. Building on this, ‘The M-word’ sets out to tackle one of the biggest causes behind these mental health issues – money. We want people to start talking about the important money issues rather than bottling them up.”

Lloyds director of marketing and communications Richard Warren says: “Whether you’re getting married or talking to your parents about their retirement plans, it’s good to talk about money. Being open about our finances can help avoid problems in the future. By focusing our efforts on the M-word we hope that this campaign will help start the conversation in families and make people more comfortable talking about money matters.”

Interesting that YouTube likes and dislikes on the ad are about 50/50 and comments are disabled. Way to go guys.

But this is deftly handled by A&E, which is good at small domestic dramas, Harvey Nichols a while back being the standout.

But making us love banks (because this is really PR) or even like them a bit is a Sisyphean task.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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