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Now Wieden+Kennedy enlists A1 for new computer game

Will 2019 be the year that artificial intelligence (A1) takes over the ad world?

We’ve already had the new Lexus campaign from The&Partnership, scripted by A1 after analysing a multitude of Cannes award winners, and now Wieden+Kennedy London has worked with an outfit called Tool to creative two opposing A1s, embarking on a propaganda war to control the world in a new game Ingress Prime from Niantic.

Admittedly it’s a computer game so you expect this kind of thing. But the two propaganda adversaries, JARVIS and ADA will improve over time it seems as battle commences. Which is what the nay sayers say about A1 of course, it will morph into something so powerful that it replaces humans. So maybe W+K’s creatives won’t be needed by the end of proceedings.

It’s topical too in that it’s about fake news.

Bet there’s an A1 Christmas ad next year.

Au revoir humans (we’re optimists.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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