Droga5 London shows how bingeing on Amazon Prime can change your life

This is Amazon Prime Video’s first real brand advertising campaign, and it cleverly taps into the box set bingeing culture by imagining what might happen when a viewer gets too immersed in a show.

A downtrodden woman learns to be more assertive in the style of Vikings’ badass warrior queen, a defeated dad recaptures his vigour thanks to watching Jack Ryan, a couple rekindles their passion via the steamy show Outlander, and a mummy’s boy finally learns to break free with the devilish drama Lucifer.

The line is “Great shows stay with you,” and all four ads will run in the UK and Germany. They were directed by Steve Rogers at Somesuch, who also directed Droga5 New York’s “Dundee” Super Bowl spot for Tourism Australia.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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