Can Wunderman hack it on TV for BT Sport?

With the data merchants busily taking over ad agencies, especially at WPP (VML’s absorption of Y&R, Michael Frohlich’s new model army at Ogilvy) there’s much speculation along the lines of, “Can they actually make ads?”

WPP’s Wunderman, former home of new WPP CEO Mark Read, finds itself in the BT Sport TV chair for some reason (Wunderman is BT’s CRM agency), making the point that BT delivers the Premier League. Featuring Cardiff City’s Canadian international Junior Hoilett, who performs with a smile on his face (given Cardiff’s current Premier League status it’s good that he has a sense of humour).

Fine, neatly done.

Won’t be knockin’ em dead at Cannes but..

MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. Nice to see they featured the “Poisoned Dwarf,” even though he’s no longer at the helm.

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