Wieden+Kennedy hits the right note with Colin Kaepernick Nike celebration

Donald Trump’s favourite NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who lost his job after leading a civil rights protest, is one of the stars of Nike’s new ‘Just Do It – Dream Crazy’ celebration from Wieden+Kennedy and here he is amid a group of able and disabled athletes (is that the right terminology?) setting out to be the “best there ever was.”

But Kaepernick, who “sacrificed everything” according to Nike, is in civvy street (the screen shot is a football player with one hand).

Making a pretty good fist of it and you warm to him. Who needs football?

We’ve seen all this before and it can amount to little more than box ticking with a few platitudes.

But W+K handles it deftly, without shouting which would have been disastrous here. A class effort from a class agency.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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