Is the adam&eve National Lottery ad an affront to working class people?

Does the new National Lottery ad from adam&eveDDB pour a bucket of London-originated cold effluent over the working classes? Lots of people seem to think it does.

Our beef with it (which didn’t prevent a good score) was that it posited that winning the Lottery, which, by definition, not many people do, was the only way to better your circumstances (not yourself). But that’s gambling for you and the NL is, after all, a punt. One which helps good causes and all that, we know.

In this context it’s a lot less pernicious than the wall-to-wall betting ads on Sky and ITV during sports broadcasts.

Actually we misread it (I think). We thought she was going to the solicitor to get a divorce but it seems she was buying a house with her lottery winnings.

Anyway, back to the working classes. These two are attractive people doing tough things. But that’s life (even in London for many).

Because it’s A&E lots of people have John Lewis in their minds but most viewers won’t.

So not guilty, m’lord.

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