Sky focuses on armchair fans as adam&eve kicks off season

All ad agencies leap at the chance of doing a sports ad – especially football – but how do you make it different? Nike has trademarked (perhaps shouldn’t mention trademarks for Nike at the moment) glistening be-muscled gladiators, Adidas tries loyally to find a role for David Beckham.

It’s the new football season in the UK and we’ve already had a winner from AMV BBDO for BT Sports. Now its bigger rival Sky enters the lists with ‘Take your seat’ from adam&eveDDB, which seems to have scooped up most of Sky’s big stuff.

And very adam&eve-ish it is too, recognising that Sky’s broadcast business doesn’t depend on the fans who still go to matches – the staple of many such ads – but the ones who watch at home.

A frenetic thirty seconds without a ball kicked in anger.

Manages to work in most of Sky’s presenters too (you can tell who they are, they’re wearing suits. Sky likes suits, preferably with a tie).

So all boxes ticked, helped by a clever choice of Dean Martin.

But is it lacking something? Football maybe.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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