Ikea launches in India today, with samosas, biryani, and flatpack assistance. Here’s Dentsu Impact’s ad.

It might seem like Ikea and its products are everywhere, but until today, India has had to manage without Swedish flatpack furniture.

The concept is so new, in fact, that Ikea has hired an in-house team to assemble furniture for its Indian customers, not known for their love of DIY, before they even leave the store.

Customers in the Hyderabad flagship will also be able to buy samosas and biryani in the restaurant, as well as more traditional Swedish items like meatballs and cinnamon buns.

Dentsu Impact has created a launch ad with the tagline, “Make Everyday Brighter.”

The film features happy family scenes in a light, bright domestic setting that will look very familiar to Ikea’s customers all over the world. The difference is that the textiles are given a back seat, because Scandinavian prints are not expected to do well in a country which is already big in this area.

Dentsu Impact president Amit Wadhwa said: “It is not like any other launch. It is a brand loved all over the world, not just for its outstanding home furnishing solutions but also for some great communication. Working with the Ikea team to create the first ever communication for India was a truly enriching and amazing experience for us.”

The Hyderabad store is the first of 25 Indian outlets planned to launch by 2025, with Mumbai scheduled for next year.

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