Adam&eveDDB splits from Sky after ad review snub

It seemed strange, rude perhaps, when Sky didn’t ask adam&eveDDB to pitch for its “master brand” account, a new piece of business sitting on top of work for its various sub-brands, one of which is Sky Sports handled by A&E.

Now it isn’t according to reports.

It looks as though A&E has resigned Sky Sports although nobody’s saying anything on the record.

The master brand review is seemingly the first initiative from former Engine Group boss Debbie Klein who joined Sky last year. The shortlist for this are other incumbent agencies Brothers and Sisters and WCRS (part of Engine) along with Mother and TBWA. Nothing wrong with this but why not ask A&E too? It is, after all, arguably the world’s top creative agency and its work for Sky Sports has been stylish enough.

Sky is Britain’s biggest advertiser, spending north of £300m plus unlimited airtime on its own channels. So it’s a big one for A&E too which, with a well-stuffed client list, doesn’t have too many gaps for big UK advertisers.

Has there been the mother and father of a row?

It’s the convention in such circumstances for all parties to say nothing and, when they eventually do, insist that they’re still good pals. Rather doubt it in this case.

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