Nissan’s Infiniti sends up Germans with Karlsson-inspired CP+B winner

Everybody’s having a pop at the Germans these days – latterly over the World Cup – and Nissan’s Infiniti is joining the pursuit, with a new US campaign for its luxury SUV’s from CP+B.

SUV’s don’t traverse fields any more they go like rockets and the market has been transformed by sporty luxury entries from the likes of Porsche, Alfa-Romeo and Bentley (although Bentley’s new SUV looks like an oversized London taxi) alongside Range Rover.

The new CP+B features one Konrad Gunther, a German former racing driver who takes exception to these family-friendly cars (complete with families) roaring around his Blister Berg testing track. Then he has a go himself.

Nicely done with an unusual edge.

Then you spot the name of the CP+B CCO Linus Karlsson. Karlsson, a founder partner of Mother in New York then creative head of McCann, seemed to have made a strange move when he headed for CP+B’s Boulder, Colorado HQ. But anything from Karlsson stands out. You can’t hide a good man for ever.

Tails off a bit when you get the engine demo. Clients!

MAA creative scale: 8.


  1. Creative: 8.

    Really? It seems to be a rather laboured execution of a pretty mundane strategy.

    Built for the family? Tick.
    Sporty and powerful? Tick.
    Fun to drive for Mum or Dad? Tick.
    ‘Luxury’ brand mention? Tick.
    Better than German? Tick.
    Too many boxes to tick? Tick.

    Google the 2012 Audi ‘Ahab’ ad for comparison.

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