Chinese show that ambitious creativity still has a home

Is there a creativity crisis in adland? Good work still fights its way through but it seems to be getting harder. Two necessities for such work are money and the willingness to take a risk: to risk blowing your money and (maybe) the brand. Many advertisers these days seem prepared to suffer a slow, cheap death.

When the most desirable “creative” company in the works is Holland’s MediaMonks, a big content factory currently being squabbled over by Sir Martin Sorrell and his old employer WPP, then maybe the writing is on the wall for advertising as we knew it.

But, hang on, might the Chinese be riding to the rescue? This, believe it or not, is for a brand of…well guess.

It has the budget and the risk. Also a deft director in Nieto working with Stink Beijing.

Our verdict? Inscrutable. MAA creative scale: 7.

But, more importantly, the vast Chinese market might just provide a refuge for ambitious creativity.

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