BT’s ‘Be There’ campaign loses its compass

Many years ago, in the age of dial-up telephones, BT used to tell us “it’s good to talk.” As it would, as BT’s services were about the only way you could do this unless you were face to face.

Now the company, which has suffered all sorts of mis-steps and calamities over the past few years, is trying to spread a little love with its ‘Be There’ campaign from AMV BBDO. In this case by sending love letters on paper planes, or maybe just paper planes signifying affection.

Sweet enough and high rises and Madness somehow go together.

But, as you feel with much bank advertising, what does it mean?

If I were one of the thousands of BT staff being made redundant (presumably because I’d been contributing sweet FA for the past few years) I’d be rather miffed about the company spending good money on this.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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