Mars nails diversity again, this time tackling menopausal women and accountants

Is there no taboo that Maltesers won’t challenge?

Having done a fine job looking at the funny side of disabled dating, the Mars-owned brand is now tackling two new frontiers: menopausal women and accountants.

In the first ad, AMV BBDO tells the story of a woman who takes off one too many layers during a hot flush at a business meeting. You can guess which part of her anatomy the Maltesers are used to represent.

In the second, a gay vegetarian’s dating problems are put down to discrimination — not about her sexuality or eating habits, but her profession – she’s an accountant.

Michele Oliver, marketing VP, Mars Chocolate UK, says: “The adverts recreate real-life situations faced by women from different groups in society who you don’t often see or hear from. We’re telling their stories to help combat perceived stereotypes and celebrate our similarities, whilst at the same time hopefully making people smile.”

Oliver has become a champion of diversity on the conference circuit, and her case is made all the stronger by excellent creative output. It’s not easy to get it this right.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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