Citroën hitchhiker takes a road trip through the decades

BETC Paris won the Citroën business from fellow Havas agency Les Gaulois last year, and created a new agency called Traction to separate it from PSA stablemate, Peugeot, which is handled by the main BETC agency.

Traction’s first work for the brand is another “through the ages” film (see Boots and Nokia links below), but this time the protagonist is a hitchhiker who travels across the decades, each time getting picked up in a new Citroën car.

The soundtrack is Supertramp’s “Take the long way home,” and the scenery is southern Spain with a touch of Barcelona, so it’s great to look at — but you can’t help noticing that in the early years, the cars were cooler, the sun was brighter and the smiles were broader.

Stéphane Xiberras, president and CCO of Traction, says: “In a world where often only the destination counts, or where we blindly follow the instructions of the GPS, it’s interesting that a big car manufacturer reminds us that it’s the journey that counts and encourages us to take the long way home.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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