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Studio of Art & Commerce debuts for Boots No7

London’s newish Studio of Art & Commerce is an interesting outfit, specialising in working via non-paid media.

Now it’s launching its biggest project to date, the No7 Face Study, an interactive website for Boots where for the first-time users can explore key signs of ageing on an interactive ‘map’ of the face. With no retouching it seems.

Walgreens Boots Alliance CMO Kristof Neirynck says: “We know women find the beauty industry confusing and we wanted to create a way to help people find the right products for them. We are excited to see this come to life in the No7 Face Study.”

Studio of Art & Commerce founder Heide Cohu says: “It was a huge task to come up with a way to help women decipher the complexity of the beauty industry. We did this by working directly with leading skincare scientists and bringing to life the incredible science of both how the skin ages and how No7 Age Defying products work.

“It is an informative and simple, yet interactive and immersive digital platform, enabling women to tailor the journey according to their needs and find a personalised solution that’s right for them.”

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