Lloyds and adam&eve craft belated but worthy winner in Channel 4 airtime contest

Lloyds has won Channel 4’s £1m of free airtime for a good works campaign, this year’s theme being “non-visible disability.”

The winning campaign, by Lloyds’ agency adam&eveDDB, was produced in a rush after the original “winner” Volvo pulled out as agency Grey omitted to tell the client it had entered. Oh dear.

The winning campaign features people, including celebs Victoria Pendleton and Jeremy Paxman, adorned with Post-it notes describing their mental health issue.

Lloyds director of innovation and communications director Ros King says: “It was a really inspiring brief. But not an easy one. Last year’s on physical disability was great but we had to show a non-physical disability on a visual medium..that was a real challenge.”

On the fast turnaround she says: “It’s been a rollercoaster, but a lot of fun. We’d normally have a bit longer for a big broadcast campaign but we can do really fast turnaround on creative work.”

And the campaign fits snugly in to Lloyds’ ‘By Your Side’ campaign (we know banks, including Lloyds, are more often on their side than yours but never mind).

As for Grey, while the agency has transformed itself in recent years with some outstanding creativity you do sometimes feel, as with Grey London’s decision to rename itself Valenstein and Fatt after the agency’s original founders for a spell last year, it sometimes tries a bit too hard.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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