Leo Burnett hunts down the flat white for McDonald’s

For decades now Leo Burnett has been skilfully walking a line for McDonald’s: presenting the somewhat soulless burger giant in a very British way; an Ealing comedy without the public school accents.

Helped by the fact that McDonald’s spends a lot on good old TV advertising.

Recently Burnett has been having more fun than usual with McD’s foray into “proper” coffee, in particular poking fun at the infinite variations offered by the barista and the affectations that go with them.

This time it’s in pursuit of that strange creature the “flat white.”

You know what it is, it’s a ..

Spot on, one of the best in a pretty distinguished series.

MAA creative scale: 8.

PS I note that former McDonalds boss Jill McDonald is head of non-food at Marks & Spencer. This is the kind of advertising M&S could do with.

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