BETC goes to the barricades for – cashmere?

A while back Pepsi was smothered in ordure for an in-house effort that purported to show Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner bringing peace and love to a revolting city.

So it’s brave (possibly foolhardy) for BETC Paris to essay a similar theme in its debut campaign for new client cashmere house Eric Bompard. “Soft is the new strong” BETC tells us.

What is it about cashmere? It’s all over the place. Was walking through M&S the other day and it was cashmere everything, even the fabled Y-fronts possibly.

Does BETC get away with it? It’s rather ancien régime: let them wear cashmere.

MAA creative scale: tricky – branding spot on, taste? 6.

Rather more conventionally the campaign does include some lovely posters.

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