Apple’s cornucopia of goodies fail to fly – in ads anyway

A while back adam&eveDDB’s David Golding wrote a piece saying that some advertisers and agencies produced “culture,” others merely marketing “collateral,” uninspired marketing support material, often trading under content. You can guess which category he thinks A&E falls into.

Well there’s a lot of the latter around for the much-hyped iPhone X launch and other developments from Apple.

Here’s a film featuring grateful Apple Watch users, writing to the company (including boss Tim Cook) telling Apple how great it is that the Apple Watch can tell them to do things, like stand up (we kid you not).

The fact that some of them have disabilities or have suffered other misfortunes doesn’t change the fact that it’s collateral, of the brown-nosing variety.

MAA creative scale: 3.

More Apple Watch, this time revealing you can take calls when you’re surfing – how useful. Didn’t Samsung do something similar a while back?

Creative scale: 4 (it’s not quite so embarrassing, just silly)

Now to the iPhone X, which will set you back about a grand if you buy one. My last iPhone packed up after 16 months so the price isn’t the only reason I won’t be buying one.

It’s a nice film but where’s the idea? Maybe Apple doesn’t need any these days.

Creative scale: 5.

And designer Jonny Ive telling us why it’s so good.

Creative scale: 6 (it’s well done and pretty convincing.)

So there we are then. Apple’s producing collateral these days. Is this because they have lots of creativos in-house? Gets to everyone in the end, no matter where you came from.

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