TBWA Paris steers McDonald’s family values the right way

McDonald’s is delving into family relationships once more – which it spectacularly botched with its UK ‘Bereavement’ ad from the normally impeccable Leo Burnett – this time sorting a sulky child courtesy of TBWA Paris.

Wonder if they’ll run this outside France?

McDonald’s used to be top of lots of people’s hate list but it doesn’t seem to be these days. Maybe we’ve more to worry about. Or decades of decent ads, outside the US anyway, have taken the heat out of it. Maybe interring Ronald McDonald has helped.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

One Comment

  1. Look a this as a brand that never really wants to show its real customers, real staff or typical premises – but creates twinkly worlds of fantasy or in this case takes a highly emotive issue and leaches the brand onto it

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