We Are Pi’s new Pi Studios kicks off with Channel 4

Amsterdam agency We Are Pi – which describes itself as an “idea company” – is bridging the gap between ads and entertainment (ads used to be entertaining of course) with the launch of Pi Studios.

Its first broadcast commission is for the UK’s Channel 4’s All 4 online channel, ‘I Was There When House Took Over The World.’

The digital campaign for the two-part series also includes a promotional partnership with Lad Bible who will translate it into a premium music documentary Instagram Story.

Channel 4’s Thom Gulseven says: “The death of Disco and the birth of House is such an incredible story that is as relevant to the music culture today as it was then. It’s been great to work with Pi Studios on new ways of telling such an iconic story, from mid-form episodes for All 4, right down to 15-second documentary cut downs that can extend the reach of the project as far as possible.”

Pi Studios is led by former Vice Media global executive producer and Channel 4 commissioner Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock (above). He says: “Attention is dying for broadcasters, dying for publishers and especially dead for brands. Whatever you call your audience, the one thing they increasingly share is manic media consumption across screens and platforms.

“We have seen through our partnerships with the likes of Channel 4, Lego, and TED that original premium entertainment rooted in strategy is a powerful tool. We must test, validate and learn with new methods to access success. We’re launching Pi Studios to break industry barriers and facilitate bringing together the best partners and diverse creative talent towards delivering awesome experiences.”

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