Has adam&eve taken on the unsellable with Sky Sports?

Adam&eveDDB has gained a formidable worldwide reputation for sprinkling stardust over various brands but it may have its biggest challenge to date with new client Sky Sports.

The Omnicom-owned shop began with Sky handling digital and social for Sky Mobile and has now extended the relationship, beating WCRS and another Sky newbie Wieden+Kennedy to the account which is the biggest part of Sky’s business. Sky is the UK’s biggest advertiser so this is a considerable prize.

Sky charges the best part of £50 per month for its Sports package but that’s not looking very good value these days as it has lost some Premiership football and all Premiership rugby to BT Sports which also has the sole rights to Champions League football. So what you get with Sky now is only a portion of what you did although the price remains the same or higher.

Despite the reduced coverage Sky is suffering as its football payments are taking a big chunk out of profits under the new Premiership football rights deal, the biggest in the world. Where BT gets the money from heaven only knows (questions on a postcard to BT CEO Gavin Patterson).

Sky, one suspects, will have to do rather more than hire a fine agency to turn this one round.

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