Wix.com takes lead in Super Bowl website wars with Jason Statham and friends

There must be some money in this website design business in the US. For years we’ve had high profile spots for GoDaddy (being polite here) and now Wix.com is back for its third Super Bowl with an epic (and expensive) crash-bang-wallop starring Jason Stathan amd ‘Wonder Woman’ actress Gal Gadot. In-house, directed by Incredible Hulk helmsman and long-time Statham collaborator Louis Leterrier.

As for GoDaddy this time it’s running a (somewhat mystifying) series, seemingly majoring on the perils of the internet.

Abandoning its rather more rumbustious style of yesteryear (2005).

MAA creative scale: GoDaddy 2017: Don’t get it – 3.

Jason, Gal and Louis for Wix.com: As you’d expect but it’s fun and tells a story with a welcome touch of humour: 7.

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