Leo Burnett adds punch to McDonald’s coffee

Is there a new urgency at McDonald’s UK agency Leo Burnett?

Leo B’s advertising for McD, this side of the pond anyway, has always been good although, sometimes, overly downbeat.

Now though McDonald’s in the US has moved from Leo over there to Omnicom’s new creation We Are Unlimited, which made a rather dismal debut a while back. But Unlimited is, it seems, one of those new-style content factories so maybe it’s “never mind the quality, feel the width.” But Unlimited surely has its eyes on McDonald’s in other countries, a decision that may not be in the hands of national managements – not much is these days.

Over here Leo is having a pop at the growing UK coffee fetish, contrasting it, presumably, with McD’s more down to earth offer. Are people serving in McCafes allowed to grow big, bushy Shoreditch-style beards?

This one? 6.5. Coffee shops, rightly or wrongly, are seen as refuges these days and it’s hard to view McDonald’s as one of those.


  1. Absolutely fantastic, best advert in a long time. Well done the Leo Burnett agency for bringing some sense into the world and proving I am not alone in thinking people are being ripped off and think it’s hip paying a fortune for a cup of nearly tepid water with coffee beans that have passed through a cat two years ago in Peru!??????
    More adverts please

  2. @ That’s 9 pounds: Civet cat coffee (kopi luwak) comes from Indonesia not Peru. And it’s delicious.

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