HomeAway ventures onto Airbnb territory with Saatchi

We’ve remarked already today about unintended consequences of the digital age – so-called fake news – and other disruptors are finding consequences of their own. One such is Uber, blamed by many for gridlock and pollution (trying to travel anywhere by car in central London is a waste of time and money these days) and another is Airbnb.

People have latched on to it as a money-making wheeze, as have the tax authorities. Apparently felons and others find it a useful way of staying ahead of the law.

And, of course, it’s spawning a number of imitators. One such is ahd here it is, showcasing its wares courtesy of Saatchi & Saatchi.

It makes all the relevant points (hotels are mostly awful unless you can afford a suite) and they’ve tried hard.

But somehow it fails to fly.

Interesting that Airbnb doesn’t seem to advertise much.

MAA creative scale: 5.


  1. “…it’s spawning a number of imitators. One such is” I think HomeAway was founded 3 years before Airbnb 2005 vs 2008).

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