Apple edits down Romeo and Juliet to 30 seconds

We like a good thirty seconds here (well time is short and we have to get on). Here’s one from Apple, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ in its ‘Practically Magic’ iPhone 7 series. Home produced it seems.

First up it’s “they look a bit young don’t they?” Accepting that in the Renaissance they did start quite early…

But there’s wholesome twist, of course.

But it grabs your attention. If they’d dwelt on the twist and made it longer it wouldn’t have worked.

And ‘Practically Magic’ is a good campaign idea, a wee bit understated. But maybe Apple’s realised that there’s more to the world than smartphones. If only its competitors would follow suit.

Wonder if this shows former Grey creative head Tor Myhren’s influence in Cupertino? If so, agency TBWA had better watch out.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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