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Michael Lee of Madam: best US ads of 2016

Here’s a brief (and early) look back at the spots of 2016.

No internet epics, no Superbowl blockbusters no Olympic tear jerkers, just the spots that run every day informing buyers, engaging audiences…… and selling products (and candidates).

The unfashionable, everyday spots that were supposed to have been dead years ago but still seem to keep jogging along and grabbing our attention.


It’s election year in the US (if you hadn’t heard), so let’s start there. The staple diet of the average commercial break in the US has been political advertising. Yawn.

More money has been spent than ever before on these ads.

Most of them miserable, depressing and unwatchable.

As was most of the campaign.

This is the best one I saw.

Gerald would get my vote. And his wife my sympathy:


This is a basic demo ad from Apple.

A good old fashioned demonstation of how the product works.

Tech rarely goes near funny. Nice to see that it has a lighter side.


In these days of instant gratification it’s good to see the TV spot keeping up with the pace. The Chicago Cubs hadn’t won the Baseball World Series in 108 years. Quite a run.

This spot from W+K ran as the first spot, in the first break after they won the final game 7.

Lovely spot and great timing.


It’s not easy selling fast food. Especially when it comes in a bucket. And rarely creative. What I love about this work is that they’ve taken the unique and original colonel, the essence of KFC, and re-invented him, in fact re-re-re-invented him throughout the year. We’ve had three Colonels in one year: Jim Gaffigan. Norm Macdonald and an extra crispy George Hamilton, keeping the campaign, if not the food, nice and fresh.

Nice job everyone. And bravo to a brave client.

Evidently it’s selling bucket loads of chicken. Literally.

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