Diageo unveils new Baileys strategy: drink more

Great minds think alike it seems, in agency land anyway.

Shortly after Anomaly launched a refreshing ‘gin time’ campaign for Diageo’s Gordon’s, Mother has done pretty much the same for Diageo’s Baileys with a number of executions on the theme of Don’t Mind If I Baileys.’ How similar? Showing spirits (or whatever Baileys actually is) as a pleasant indulgence rather than some sort of lifestyle accoutrement.

Baileys global brand director Grainne Wafer says: “Baileys is the most loved spirit in the world but has lacked a consistent and compelling means of triggering consumption. This is the first wave of an extensive strategic and creative repositioning of the Baileys brand which aims to get our indulgent product out of the cupboard into many more glasses on many more occasions.

“In the ‘Don’t Mind If I Baileys’ campaign Mother has captured an unapologetic spirit that gets right to the pleasurable core of the brand.”

Drink more, you’ll like it. There’s a turn-up.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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