Gordon’s celebrates 5pm “gin time” (hic) in bold new campaign from Anomaly

Anomaly won Diageo’s Gordon’s Gin account from BBH a while back and the avowed contrarians have produced a new “brand platform” – “Shall We..” – which, miracle of miracles, celebrates the joy of drinking.

Which you see hardly any of in booze advertising these days, as we’re all supposed to be counting units in a state of drink awareness. Gin being an especial example, with herby, supposedly artisan numbers popping up all over the place. The reference in one of these to the “5pm drinks trolley” will make some of us feel a sharp stab of nostalgia. And, no doubt, bring the complaints rolling in.

The campaign was written by Anomaly’s Oli Beale.


The campaign will run on digital, social and out of home channels with media planned and bought by Carat.

Anomaly UK CEO Camilla Harrisson says: “Gordon’s is not only the world’s number one gin but it’s an iconic brand with a uniquely rich heritage in both gin and in culture. This campaign shows Gordon’s as a counterpoint to the overwhelming choice and complexity within the category today, positioning it as the gin of choice for those moments when you just want to enjoy a bloody good gin and tonic.”

Diageo head of Gordon’s Gin Annalisa Tedeschi says: “Gordon’s is the World’s favourite London Dry Gin and was created by Alexander Gordon’s to be a gin enjoyable by all. Since 1769, Gordon’s has been present in people’s lives and has travelled around the globe as an inherently joyful brand. With this campaign, we intend to make a simple but meaningful statement: an invitation to enjoy a Gordon’s & tonic in the early evening.”

That’s the spirit Annalisa.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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