Brothers and Sisters’ Matt Charlton: best ads of 2016

unknown-5-1We’re asking the great and good of adland to choose their best ads of 2016. The deal is you can pick one of your own if you choose three (the max).

First off is Matt Charlton, CEO of Brothers and Sisters.

I’ve chosen three films which are all long format, and absolutely beautiful to look at and watch. To me it shows that the new era of post-TV, film and video is really now outshining the old 60 sec ad format and agencies and production companies are developing the skills to work in much longer format and create dazzling spectacles and still have a simple idea.

I usually don’t include any of our work but I honestly haven’t seen anything more original or that matches the brief better than our ‘Tumbleweed’ trailer for Pearl & Dean so I’ve stuck it in!

We’re the Superhumans – Channel 4/4 Creative

Project Everyone – BBH

Tumbleweed Trainer – Pearl & Dean/ Brothers and Sisters

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