Teelcoms giant Huawei goes into challenger mode in WPP’s Nova phone launch

China’s Huawei is the biggest telecoms equipment manufacturer in the world, which doesn’t make it too popular with some suspicious American politicians.

In terms of mobiles it’s a challenger brand though and so WPP’s ‘Team Huawei'(you just knew there’d be one) is inviting us (the young generation anyway) to “Defy Expectations” and choose the company’s new Nova and Nova Plus models ahead of Apple and Samsung.

So we have a young boy defying expectations (nobody think he’s good enough for the football team) with the aid of an expectation-defying Nova in ‘The Gift.’

Team Huawei global ECD Susan Westre says: “We wanted to craft a visual and narrative tone for the brand that set it apart from its competitors. Something visceral and real, but still aspirational.”

It’s a bit literal and we’ve been here before. But it makes the point and (assuming Huawei phones are cheaper than iPhones and Samsungs) should appeal to harassed parents anyway.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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