It’s that man Clarkson again as Amazon Fire drone bombs Europe

Will many people actually watch Jeremy Clarkson and the old Top Gear team’s new Amazon series The Grand Tour? They’d better as Amazon has invested zillions in it.

If they don’t it won’t be for want of publicity as Clarkson has rarely been out of the news pages since he whacked a Top Gear producer and was defenestrated from the BBC. The fact that the Beeb’s new version of Top Gear with Chris Evans flopped spectacularly obviously helps.

So here’s Clarkson entering the lists, courtesy of a campaign by Lucky Generals, for Amazon Fire (currently on offer for a couple days for a tenner) which gives you access to all sorts of digital TV goodies. Although you do need an Amazon Prime subscription at £79.

And being the overgrown schoolboy he is he’s aiming drones (another Amazon product, sort of) at those pesky Europeans, now crying into their improbably cold beers over Britain’s decision to Brexit.

Does he get paid extra for these or is it part of The Grand Tour contract?

He does make you sit up and watch.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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