Is Virgin Atlantic still seeking a premium punch?

Here’s a funny ad from adam&eveDDB for Virgin Atlantic, featuring that former doyenne of TV travel shows Judith Chalmers. Apparently one in three people spends their “holidays” in the office. Not so surprising in these always-on days: why go away when you’ll still be emailed constantly?

There was an apposite rant from Giles Coren in The Times the other week about how you don’t go on holiday any more, you go on “annual leave.” As if you’re in the army – which maybe you are.

Virgin Atlantic seems to be aiming squarely at business people since its move to A&E from long-time agency RKCR/Y&R. Presumably on the grounds that they’re the only ones that can choose a carrier on anything but price. Even if they’re going on holiday, paying with their own money. It’s certainly a change from the old Y&R days of leggy lovelies in scarlet uniforms although maybe that wouldn’t play so well in these non-sexist days.

Not entirely sure they’ve nailed a convincing premium position for Virgin yet but at least they’re having a go. Has British Airways given up on advertising?

MAA creative scale: 7.

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