Foodmeisters W+K get down and dirty for Lurpak

Wieden+Kennedy has done its best to revive the food porn formula for Lurpack and it’s back again, advising cooks across the nation to “strap on your aprons and reach for the Lurpak.”

This time by taking a pot shot at the way we devour food programmes – £25m a year Bake Off is supposed to be worth to Channel 4 – but actually cook less, leaving the chopping and slicing to the likes of the Hairy Bikers (strewth!)

Disappointing actually that the bits of TV featured don’t include the likes of the bikers or Jamie Oliver but maybe the lawyers intervened.

W+K’s Lurpak work is said to have been a factor in its gain of £60m Sainsbury’s from AMV BBDO (it starts next year, AMV’s doing Christmas). Is Sainsbury’s right to be so swayed?

This is a good one, getting down and dirty scaling fish and delving into what looks like liver.

MAa creative scale: 8.

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