Do we believe BT and Virgin’s new broadband boast?

BT and Virgin have combined to hymn the praises of the UK’s broadband network, claiming to have invested over £15bn in five years to spruce up the creaking system. They don’t actually mention the latter. Cable outfit Virgin is the only broadband operator not to depend on BT’s much-criticised Openreach service.

The ad claims that over the five years, UK broadband speeds have more than quadrupled and that download speeds are faster than in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


Can’t speak for Germany, France etc but BT’s claims for Openreach never seem to match the reality with large parts of the country “enjoying” a service that’s anything but quick and reliable. Virgin has its own maintenance issues.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive at BT CEO Gavin Patterson, another of those smooth executives who’s expert at never actually answering the question when he’s interviewed, says: “BT and Virgin Media may be commercial rivals but we both have a proud track record of investing billions of pounds in the UK’s digital infrastructure. It’s important post-Brexit that we don’t talk the country down and that the right climate exists for further investment.”

Come again Gavin? How can criticising Openreach be talking the country down? And what’s Brexit got to do with it?

BTW: since BT took over EE the mobile phone signal at Foster Towers has got worse. It wasn’t so good before.

Somehow or other don’t think this campaign would pass a lie detector test.

And the football analogy is just pathetic.

MAA creative (and truth) scale: 0.

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  1. Take it you’re unhappy with your BB speed Stephen … What about TT\SKY\VF untrue claims?

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