Sky Movies rebrands with WCRS cinema extravaganza

Sky Movies has rebranded as Sky Cinema – what’s the difference? Well going to the cinema these days is supposed to be about immersive, 3-D, Virtual Reality-like experiences as opposed to visual narratives.

Somewhat ambitiously agency WCRS tries to capture both aspects agency in this 40-second ad, directed by Patrick Clair who did the titles for The Night Manager among others, with images by Elastic, the company behind the Game of Thrones titles sequence. It show the “swirling dust of the cinema chamber” before delivering quotes from the likes of ET and the Star Wars series. (you have to watch the film to see anything.)

Sky Cinema Europe director Ian Lewis says: “We’re incredibly excited to launch Sky Cinema with a beautiful, evocative and emotionally powerful ad campaign. It reflects how we are giving customers an even closer to the cinema experience with enhanced picture and sound quality and an even greater choice of the best movies. Sky Cinema will be the biggest dedicated movie subscription service in Europe as Sky’s movie services in Germany, Austria and Italy are also rebranded and relaunched under the new name.”

WCRS ECD Leon Jaume says: “Our campaign has two aims: to reveal the qualities of Sky Cinema and to evoke the mighty emotional punch of great film making. And we made it with Patrick Clair, one speck of dust at a time. Probably took longer than Apocalypse Now.”

Interesting that Sky sees technology as the ace in its pack as it battles Netflix and other streaming services.

Some of this stuff is rather lost on me, I’ve never watched a whole Star Wars movie for example. In fact I’ve just about given up on cinema as it seems to be one Marvel superhero after another – or James Bond, who’s equally boring these days.

But Sky believes in ads and gets the most out of its ad agencies who must delight in such a client.

So we’ll suspend disbelief in this instance.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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