Tom Denford and David Indo of ID Comms: the big concerns for US media – live from the ANA in Florida

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David discuss the ANA’s Advertising Financial Management conference in Florida, the financial struggles of MDC and the first-ever ID Comms Media Transparency Webinar.

Tom opens the show reporting from the Florida event while David asks the questions from the comfort of the ID Comms London office.

Tom highlights the progress of the K2 Intelligence investigation into media rebate practice and also the performance of Michael Roth, the global CEO of IPG, who seemed very open to discuss matters especially around transparency. His bold claims of IPG’s openness on this area were refreshing but Roth fears all agencies will be “tarred with the same brush” if the K2 report is damning on agency practice.

Next Tom and David look at the clouds gathering over an agency group called MDC in the US. Last year their CEO was forced out amid an expenses scandal that saw him having to repay $21m back to the company he founded. This week the stock has been shorted by a key investor who is betting against future growth. Tom and David consider the implications and wonder what parallels may be drawn.

Finally, Tom and David reveal plans for the first in a series of Webinars on Media Transparency. The first webinar will talk through the results of the ID Comms Transparency Survey and provide commentary on the data.

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