Richard Warren quits Lowe after Mullen merger

You change the owners and you change the people. My colleague Paul Simons has commented today on the many changes at BBH and the dangers involved in changing an agency’s DNA.

Now Richard Warren (below), who became group CEO of DLKW Lowe not that long ago, has left in the aftermath of Lowe’s merger with Boston agency Mullen, both part of the Interpublic empire. The agency is now known as MullenLowe. Tom Knox, who’s chairman of MullenLowe London and also president of the IPA, is the only initial of DLKW remaining.

MullenLowe London, now run by CEO Jamie Elliott reporting to busy global CEO Alex Leikikh, seems to have come through the merger with Mullen in pretty good shape. And it was somewhat top heavy, given that the ultimate power now resides in Boston. It has recently moved from the backwaters of Kensington to spanking new offices in Clerkenwell.

But when owners change so do the people. It’s undeniably an issue for clients who see the faces they know suddenly disappear.

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