Ogilvy produces a doggy triumph for Kronenbourg

Someone at Ogilvy has remembered that what we now call German shepherd dogs were once known as Alsatians (because they came from Alsace, maybe) and the supercharged mutts are the heroes of the latest instalment of Kronenbourg’s Eric Cantona campaign.

Cantona and Kronenbourg are a marriage made in heaven: seeing the famously irascible footballer send himself up is a joy and the boy (who’s now an actor) can, actually, act.

Backing this up will be a Bar D’Alsace-tian in central London, the world’s first bar staffed entirely by dogs it seems.

The campaign is a timely reminder that Ogilvy, as it moves back into London from Canary Wharf, can produce great great advertising when it puts its mind to it and/or gets the chance.

The best campaign in the UK beer market by miles (and there are some decent ones).

MAA creative scale: 9.

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