Stella harks back to ad vintage in Mother history lesson

Stella Artois is celebrating its ‘600 years of history’ with a new campaign from Mother featuring one Sebastian Artois, who bought the brewery (originally founded in 1366) in 1717. So not sure where they get 600 years from but let’s not split hairs. Stella apparently comes from a Christmas beer, named after Nativity stars.

The campaign’s lineage is a bit more recent. After years of Night Manager types busily sending the brand back upmarket this harks back to its previous upscale incarnation, a number of French-themed ads from Lowe Howard-Spink. With a Mother-ish twist:

Here’s one of Lowe’s.

Thinks the Lowes have it. But full marks to Mother for effort.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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One comment

  1. “Be legacy”? You what?

    But anyway, it’s not the first time that Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ has popped up in a Stella ad. I thought the Lowe’s ad you were referring to was going to be this one: