Lloyds takes its next step in adam&eve brand debut

Banks are pretty keen on journeying through life at the moment – or telling us that we’d better have them handily by our side when we do. Hardly surprising when most of leave our accounts where they are for decades, whatever the bank in question gets up to.

Adam&eveDDB won the Lloyds Bank account last year after adland’s version of Gunfight at the OK Corral against RKCR/Y&R and various other WPP reinforcements. Its debut brand campaign invites us to take the ‘next step’ with Lloyds, with a further reminder that Lloyds is at our side (Nationwide bagged that one). It’s a development of the one-off 250th anniversary equine-themed ad featuring noble steeds through the ages.

Nice version of Mad World by Jennifer Ann.

While most of us like horses – until we get too close perhaps – is this enough to make a banking decision, based, one would have thought, on hard cash? But, as above, many such aren’t. In an age of sub-zero interest you probably choose your bank – or decide not to change your bank – on the basis that it’ll still be here tomorrow. For the next step of your journey, Lloyds hopes.

This is all very adam&eve, a simple point emphatically made with no distractions but lots of technical expertise. They used to call it market leader advertising.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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