LG unveils its big guns – two Scotts and a Neeson – for Super Bowl would-be blockbuster

“The future is staring back at you” opines Liam Neeson in this Super Bowl ad for LG’s G6 OLED 4K TV (couldn’t they have thought of something a bit pithier?). The screen is glass, it seems, and only an eighth of an inch thick.

It’s clearly a big budget effort from director Jake Scott and dad Ridley but – so what? If you met someone like Neeson in a bar (obviously not the Neeson) you’d run a mile.

Could have used a writer.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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One comment

  1. From 1984 to this? Unfuckingbelievable! He couldn’t have done it for the money, “Rid” is richer than Croesus. Why, oh why, did he do this travesty? Yet another s sad illustration of what has become of a once great business.