H&M’s David Beckham by adam&eve: bold and confident but a touch perplexing

The formidable trio of H&M, David Beckham and adam&eveDDB are back with a Modern Essentials ad. That’s the easy bit. This online film (presumably, at two minutes and fifty seconds) finishes then repeats itself – just as the people in the ad (and a dog) echo Dave in his H&M Essentials.

Dave realises that something is going on but stays, more or less, above it all.

There’s an Italian theme too. Has someone at A&E been delving into Fellini’s back catalogue?

As with most of A&E’s work it’s big, bold and confident. In this case also a touch perplexing. But that’s fashion innit?

MAA creative scale: 7.


A&E tell me that the above is some kind of rogue copy and the ‘real one’ is DB once, below

Shame really, think twice works better.

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