Burger King’s ‘Whopper wiener’ sparks fast food fight

Everybody seems to be picking on Burger King these days: its campaign to launch its new ‘grilled (hot) dogs’ in the US by wrapping newspapers across the country has aroused some ire, although you have to say it’s been noticed. Burger King makes the ‘Whopper’ burger you’ll note.


Atlanta agency Fitzgerald & Co fought back with its own newspaper campaign on behalf of client Checkers & Rally’s – and double entendre.


While in France – no entendres here although it’s presumably the home of them – TBWA\Paris entered the lists for McDonald’s, contrasting the distance from a place in the Haute-Loire to the nearest McDonald’s (5km) with remote Burger King (258km and a five-hour drive), via a neat billboard stunt.

What will they do if Burger King’s Whopper wiener makes it to France?

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  1. In reality you could use a tool like this, to find the next fastfood restaurant;)